Frequently asked questions


  • How do I request a quote or order a shipment?

    Process your request using the form and you will soon receive an offer. You do not need to register on the platform to request a quote.

  • When will I receive the answer with the price, shipment time and service options?

    Once the request is completed, its receipt is confirmed via e-mail and in less than 24 h. the complete quote is sent (price, shipment time and options).

  • Do I need to be registered with Evenis to confirm a service?

    Yes, tax and contact details are necessary for all confirmations.

  • Free loading and unloading times?

    The first hour, for both loading and unloading is free, as of which the cost will be €50/hour with a daily limit of €400.

    The client / shipper must provide us with the time schedules.

  • Cancellations and changes to dates / times.

    These must be informed with at least 48 h notice, via e-mail to the address

  • Destinations

    All those integrated into the Mediterranean Corridor with collection in Spain and delivery to France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, in both directions (export – import).

    For all other destinations, the quotation time may be 48 h.

  • Collections/ deliveries

    Door-to-Door, possibility of consolidation, storage and last-mile distribution.

  • Restrictions

    • Weights and measurements:
      • Refrigerated goods up to 24 Tn.
      • Refrigerated goods up to 26 Tn.
    • Prohibited items:
    • Dangerous goods:
      • On demand.


  • Measurements, packaging, weight, pallets, ...

    The client must provide information on the type of goods, measurements, weight, type of packaging, pallets, stowage, ... and all the information deemed important to ensure the optimum load.

  • Documentation

    The documentation is sent by e-mail to the recipient to be stamped, scanned and returned via the same channel. The originals can travel with the goods and the recipient must get them delivered to the shipper.

    The client should facilitate delivery notes, parking list, invoices, CMR or any necessary documentation.

  • Insurance

    The goods travel insured under CMR conditions ; in the event of wanting fully comprehensive cover this will cost extra. Ask our operators for further information.


  • How can I know if certain goods have been loaded?

    Evenis sends a loading confirmation e-mail after this has been completed.

  • Monitoring during transport

    For general goods you will receive a daily e-mail regarding the status of the shipment. Refrigerated goods shall include information on the location and temperature.

  • Delivery information

    After delivery of the goods, Evenis sends a confirmation e-mail and, if the recipient's facilitates it, a copy of the documentation.


  • Billing

    The invoice is sent by e-mail in pdf format, if the client does not request any other option.

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